Out of the Frying Pan.....................

It is always easy to go with what you know or to settle for second best, but 'thankfully' I'd reached the point where that was no longer good enough and I certainly didn't want to get to the age when it would be too late to make a change and reflect on my life and think I wished I'd done 'this' or 'that' and perhaps given 'this' a try. 

A number of recent challenges in my life, a wonderful supportive husband and a few tins of paint inspired me to step right out of my comfort zone!  People often ask how we came to open a home shop and to be honest I'm not entirely sure but a tin of paint had something to do with it.

So here we are 16 months on from opening our doors for the first time and I'd so wish I'd started this blog earlier, so much has happened and I want to remember it all! 

We have met some wonderful people and have been welcomed into the local community with open arms. We are blessed to have become stockists for Annie Sloan Interiors, have been part of the biggest Totally Locally Pop-up Shop, and were even invited for Afternoon Tea with the Chancellor - which we duly accepted of course!

So welcome to our journey, one which will be filled with ideas and inspiration for your home and hopefully for you too.